Evaluating Ivanka Trump’s New Luxury Aman Hotel in Albania

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Ivanka Trump and her husband, real estate developer Jared Kushner, have embarked on a new venture to open a luxury Aman hotel in Albania. The couple is currently working on developing a 1,400-acre island in the Mediterranean, aiming to create a mountainside resort that will feature the renowned Aman brand and the foodie hotspot Carbone. Trump expressed her excitement about collaborating with top architects and brands to bring this project to life.

Trump emphasized the importance of honoring the existing topography of the location in the design process. She mentioned that while the conceptual drawings reflect a modern aesthetic, it is crucial to integrate the natural surroundings seamlessly. Trump emphasized the need for a balance between utilizing glass elements to showcase the beautiful ocean views while ensuring that the design does not feel generic or disconnected from its environment.

The Aman brand, known for its ultra-luxe properties, has garnered a high-profile following, including celebrities like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, the Kardashians, Angelina Jolie, and more. With over 30 properties in 20 countries, Aman resorts are synonymous with luxury and exclusivity. The average room rate at Aman resorts is around $1,400 per night, while villas command a price tag of $50,000. Ivanka Trump herself has been a frequent visitor to the Aman location in NYC.

Despite her involvement in the real estate project, Ivanka Trump has made it clear that she will not be taking on any political roles, such as serving as a delegate or fundraiser for her father, Donald Trump. Instead, she plans to focus on her business ventures and family life. By distancing herself from political involvement, she aims to maintain a focus on the development and success of the luxury Aman hotel project in Albania.

Overall, Ivanka Trump’s foray into the hospitality industry with the launch of a new Aman hotel in Albania showcases her commitment to creating luxurious and environmentally conscious spaces. With a strong team of architects and designers, as well as the backing of the Aman brand, the project is poised to attract high-end clientele and make a significant mark in the luxury hospitality sector.


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