Dominic West Supports Former Co-Star’s Criticisms of The Affair

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British actor Dominic West, known for his roles in The Wire and The Crown, has come forward to support his former co-star Ruth Wilson’s criticisms of the hit drama series The Affair. Wilson, who was written out of the show after four seasons, expressed concerns about the working environment on set and the treatment of female actors during sex scenes.

In 2020, Wilson openly shared that she did not always feel safe on set and that the filming of intimate scenes often made her uncomfortable. She specifically mentioned that the cameras focused more on her “orgasm face” than on the male actors involved. This raised important questions about the portrayal of women in such scenes and the overall dynamics behind the camera.

During an interview, West also reflected on his performance as Prince Charles in The Crown. He revealed that his real-life wife, Catherine FitzGerald, who comes from an upper-class background, did not find his portrayal of the aristocratic character convincing. This led him to question his ability to play such roles effectively and to acknowledge that he excels more in portraying working-class characters.

West humbly admitted that he believes his strongest performances come from playing characters like McNulty in The Wire, Jean Valjean in Les Misérables, and Iago in Othello. He acknowledged that certain actors may excel in playing aristocratic roles with stiff collars, but he recognized that his talents lie elsewhere. This self-awareness and willingness to critique his own performances are commendable qualities in an actor.

Dominic West’s support for Ruth Wilson’s criticisms of The Affair sheds light on the importance of creating a safe and respectful work environment for all actors. His honesty about his own strengths and weaknesses as an actor further emphasizes the need for self-awareness and continuous growth in the industry. As more discussions about on-set dynamics and representation in media take place, it is crucial for actors and creators to listen to each other’s experiences and strive for better practices in the future.


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