Cinematic Collaboration: A Look at Pier Paolo Piccioli’s Latest Project

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Pier Paolo Piccioli, in his final project before stepping down as creative director at Valentino, collaborated with Italian filmmaker Riccardo Vannuccini to produce the costumes for the film, Things And Other Things. This indie UK-Italian co-production stars Greta Bellamacina, with Piccioli designing custom costumes for her character, including a striking blue dress with a 6-meter train. This marks Piccioli’s return to film production, having previously worked on the short film The Staggering Girl in 2019 with Luca Guadagnino.

Paolo Piccioli’s departure from Valentino in March marked the end of a successful partnership with Maria Grazia Chiuri, with whom he had co-creative director. Piccioli transitioned to sole creative director in 2016, following Chiuri’s move to Dior. Things And Other Things is not just a new project for Piccioli, but also a continued collaboration between Vannuccini and Bellamacina, who previously worked together on Commedia in 2023.

Things And Other Things explores the characters of Irene and Rocco in a post-industrial landscape in Tuscany. The film takes viewers through abandoned buildings, a deserted theme park, a farmhouse, a slaughterhouse, and an abandoned school, creating a haunting backdrop for the characters’ journey. The soundtrack by Pietro Freddi and cinematography by Manolo Cinti add to the atmospheric setting, capturing the essence of the story.

Riccardo Vannuccini describes the film as a continuation of his previous work, focusing on the idea that “anything can happen.” The characters in Things And Other Things are portrayed as mysterious runaways, existing in a world scarred by industrialization but still finding beauty in their surroundings. Vannuccini’s exploration of impossibility and the passage of time adds depth to the narrative, creating a visual and emotional experience for the audience.

Pier Paolo Piccioli’s involvement in Things And Other Things showcases his versatility as a designer and collaborator in the world of cinema. The costumes he created for Greta Bellamacina’s character bring a unique aesthetic to the film, enhancing the storytelling and visual appeal. With Vannuccini’s visionary direction and a talented cast and crew, Things And Other Things promises to be a captivating cinematic experience that pushes boundaries and challenges perceptions.


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