Celebrating the Glory Days of Laurel and Hardy in Silver Lake

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The intersection of Vendome Street and Del Monte Drive in Silver Lake has recently been designated as a historic site due to its connection with the iconic duo of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. The City Council made a unanimous decision to honor the location as the “1932 site of the ‘The Music Box’ Starring Laurel and Hardy.” This recognition is a tribute to the film that won an Academy Award for short comedy and was filmed on the famous Music Box Steps in Silver Lake.

The storyline of the film “The Music Box” is both simple and memorable – Laurel and Hardy are tasked with delivering a large piano to a house at the top of the steps. The comedic duo faces various challenges along the way, leading to a surprise ending that has entertained audiences for decades. The Music Box Steps have since become a popular attraction for fans of Laurel and Hardy from around the world.

L.A. City Councilman Hugo Soto-Martínez expressed pride in recognizing the historic significance of the Music Box Steps in Silver Lake. He highlighted the importance of preserving the outdoor staircases that contribute to the diverse cultural heritage of the community. The steps not only hold a special place in the entertainment industry’s history but also symbolize the unique charm of Silver Lake.

In addition to the recent recognition by the City Council, the Music Box Steps already feature a plaque installed by the Hollywood Heritage Museum, The Society of Operating Cameramen, and The Silver Lake Improvement Association. To celebrate the legacy of Laurel and Hardy, the Silver Lake Improvement Association will host its annual “Music Box Steps Day Festival” at Laurel and Hardy Park, located across the street from the iconic steps. The festival provides an opportunity for fans to come together and share their appreciation for the timeless comedy of Laurel and Hardy.

The historic designation of the intersection of Vendome Street and Del Monte Drive as the “1932 site of the ‘The Music Box’ Starring Laurel and Hardy” is a testament to the enduring legacy of the beloved comedy duo. As fans continue to flock to the Music Box Steps in Silver Lake, the cultural significance of this iconic location remains strong. By honoring the past achievements of Laurel and Hardy, the community of Silver Lake pays tribute to the golden age of Hollywood comedy.


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