Brian Cox Critiques Joaquin Phoenix and Considers Leaving U.S. if Trump Wins

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In a recent interview at the HistFest in London, actor Brian Cox did not hold back when discussing Joaquin Phoenix’s performance as Napoleon Bonaparte in Ridley Scott’s upcoming film, “Napoleon.” Cox bluntly called Phoenix’s portrayal “terrible” and “appalling.” He even went as far as to say that he could have done a much better job himself. Cox criticized Phoenix’s performance as lacking authenticity and dismissed it as nothing more than “lies.”

Cox did not stop at critiquing Phoenix’s performance; he also had some harsh words for the historical accuracy of the film “Braveheart.” While he praised Mel Gibson’s acting, Cox labeled the film as “a load of nonsense” and pointed out numerous historical inaccuracies. He specifically mentioned the storyline involving the French princess as completely fabricated and dismissed the film as nothing more than “bollocks.”

Despite residing in the United States, Cox admitted that he is considering leaving the country if Donald Trump wins the presidential election. He expressed his frustration with the current political climate in the U.S. and criticized Trump as an “idiot” who is unfit to govern the country. Cox also shared his skepticism about Joe Biden’s age, claiming that he is “too old” to lead the nation effectively.

When asked about his future in the U.S., Cox hinted at a possible departure in the near future due to political reasons. He stated that his relationship with America may come to an end soon if the political landscape does not change. While he acknowledged that Biden might be a better option than Trump, Cox remained doubtful about the future of the country under Biden’s leadership.

Brian Cox’s recent comments on Joaquin Phoenix’s performance and his contemplation of leaving the U.S. if Trump wins the election have sparked controversy. Cox’s blunt critique of Phoenix’s acting abilities and his scathing remarks about the political situation in America highlight his outspoken nature. It remains to be seen whether Cox will follow through on his plans to leave the U.S. based on the outcome of the upcoming presidential election.


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