Behind the Scenes of NCIS: Fun Facts About the Cast Members

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NCIS, the long-running CBS procedural, has reached a milestone 1,000th episode. As the show’s longest-running cast member, Sean Murray, who plays Timothy McGee, has shared some behind-the-scenes stories about his co-stars. With a whopping 450 episodes under his belt, Sean has some interesting insights to offer.

One of the superlatives awarded by Sean Murray goes to Gary Cole, who he describes as the “life of the party.” According to Sean, Gary is the “most perfect performer” and truly deserves recognition for his contributions to the show. It seems like Gary would have some great party ideas up his sleeve!

Another cast member who stands out is Wilmer Valderrama, who Sean labels as the “biggest class clown.” Sean mentions that Wilmer is a steady source of hilarity on set and provides endless entertainment for the cast and crew. It seems like working with Wilmer is a fun and lighthearted experience.

When it comes to mishaps on set, Brian Dietzen takes the title of the “most accident-prone.” Sean recalled a humorous incident involving a tree branch hitting Brian due to strong winds. Despite his accidents, Sean emphasizes Brian’s grace and talent as a performer. It seems like Brian takes it all in stride and continues to impress his co-stars.

For nurturing and care on set, Katrina Law shines as the “biggest mom or dad.” Sean highlights Katrina’s dedication as a mother to her young daughter, which is evident in her interactions with the cast. Sean admires Katrina’s warmth and caring nature, especially in the midst of a hectic filming schedule. It’s clear that Katrina’s maternal instincts extend beyond her own family to the NCIS cast and crew.

Sean Murray’s insights into his NCIS co-stars reveal a dynamic and fun-loving cast behind the scenes. From the life of the party to the most accident-prone, each cast member brings something unique to the table. As the show continues to make its mark on television history, it’s clear that the camaraderie and relationships among the cast play a significant role in its success. Here’s to many more episodes and behind-the-scenes stories from the talented cast of NCIS.


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