AppleTV+ Joins Fast-Paced German Medical Drama ‘KRANK Berlin’

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AppleTV+ has recently announced its partnership with ZDFneo on a new eight-part German medical drama series called KRANK Berlin. This collaboration between Violet Pictures and Real Film Berlin is co-created by Samuel Jefferson and Viktor Jakovleski, bringing a fresh perspective to the screen. The series follows Dr. Parker, played by Haley Louise Jones, as she navigates the challenges of managing an emergency room in Berlin while dealing with personal turmoil.

Dr. Parker finds herself in a chaotic and overcrowded hospital setting in Berlin, striving to make positive changes in the healthcare system. Despite facing resistance from the hospital staff, who are underpaid and fatigued, she must find a way to unite them for the greater good. The series explores the themes of survival, teamwork, and the harsh reality of modern healthcare practices.

Cast and Crew

Alongside Haley Louise Jones, KRANK Berlin features a talented ensemble cast including Slavko Popadić, Şafak Şengül, Aram Tafreshian, and more. With Alexis von Wittgenstein and Henning Kamm as executive producers, the series promises to deliver a gripping and authentic portrayal of the medical world. Directors Alex Schaad and Fabian Möhrke bring their creative vision to life, enhancing the overall storytelling experience.

Shooting for KRANK Berlin took place in East Berlin and wrapped up late last year, marking an exciting step forward for the AppleTV+ platform. This investment in the German TV market showcases the streamer’s commitment to diverse and compelling content. With Beta Film handling international rights, the series is poised to make a significant impact on audiences worldwide. AppleTV+ continues to explore innovative storytelling through collaborations with international talent.

KRANK Berlin represents a dynamic addition to the television landscape, blending dramatic storytelling with real-world issues. As AppleTV+ expands its reach in the global market, viewers can look forward to engaging and thought-provoking content that pushes boundaries and challenges conventional narratives. Stay tuned for the premiere of KRANK Berlin and immerse yourself in a world where healthcare, personal struggles, and resilience intersect in unexpected ways.


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