Angelina Jolie and Vivienne Shine at the Tony Awards: A Proud Moment for Jon Voight

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Jon Voight couldn’t contain his pride as he celebrated his daughter, Angelina Jolie, and granddaughter, Vivienne, following their stellar success at the 2024 Tony Awards. The dynamic mother-daughter duo were the driving force behind the musical The Outsiders, which took home four prestigious awards, including the coveted Best Musical. Jon expressed his pride in Vivienne and Angie, highlighting Angie’s encouragement for each of her children to pursue their passions.

Jon, 85, shared his thoughts with TMZ, praising Angelina’s directorial skills and Vivienne’s initiative in getting Angelina involved in the production of The Outsiders. He commended Angie for her efforts and credited Vivienne for recognizing the potential of the play and urging her mother to take notice. The family’s success at the Tony Awards was a moment of celebration and acknowledgment of their hard work in the industry.

Despite the recent success and reconciliation within the family, Jon and Angelina have faced challenges in their relationship over the years. Their estrangement was notable, with brief periods of reconnecting followed by further distancing. The strained relationship has been attributed to past issues, including Jon’s infidelity during his marriage to Angelina’s mother, Marcheline Bertrand, leading to their divorce. These tensions have resurfaced at times, most recently regarding Angelina’s comments on Israel.

Shifting Dynamics

Vivienne’s participation in the Tony Awards marked a significant moment, especially considering the family dynamics and history of estrangement. Her decision to drop her father’s surname, Pitt, from her Playbill credit for The Outsiders reflects the changing relationships within the family. This choice aligns with her older sisters, Zahara and Shiloh, who also use only their mother’s surname in public settings. The family’s evolving dynamics were on display at the Tony Awards, where Angelina and Vivienne enjoyed a joyful moment on the red carpet.

The proud moment at the Tony Awards came at a fitting time, coinciding with Father’s Day and highlighting the family’s achievements in the industry. Angelina and Vivienne’s shared laughter and camaraderie on the red carpet showcased their bond and the support they have for each other. This appearance, along with Vivienne’s decision to go by Vivienne Jolie in the Playbill, further emphasized the family’s unity and the individual choices made by its members. The celebration at the Tony Awards was a culmination of hard work, dedication, and family pride.

The Tony Awards served as a platform for celebrating not just the musical achievements but also the family bond shared between Angelina, Vivienne, and Jon. Despite past challenges and estrangements, the family’s recent successes and moments of joy reflect a sense of unity and pride in each other’s accomplishments. The shifting dynamics within the family underscore the complexities of relationships and the individual choices made by its members. The Tony Awards celebration was a testament to the resilience, talent, and mutual support within the Jolie-Voight family.


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