An Unanticipated Candidate Emerges for The Traitors: Liz Truss

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The idea of having Liz Truss, the former UK prime minister, as a contestant on The Traitors seems both surprising and intriguing. Stephen Lambert, the executive producer of the popular reality series, believes that Truss would make a great addition to the show. Speaking at the BAFTA TV Awards, Lambert expressed his enthusiasm for having Truss on board, suggesting that her ability to navigate the fine line between truth and falsehood would provide a unique challenge for the contestants.

Celebrity Version in the Works

It appears that a celebrity version of The Traitors is in the works for 2025, with discussions already underway regarding potential casting choices. While Lambert is keen on the idea of having Liz Truss participate, Tim Harcourt, Studio Lambert’s chief creative officer, has a different candidate in mind – Barack Obama. However, the likelihood of the former U.S. president joining the show remains uncertain.

In addition to the potential celebrity edition, Season 3 of the civilian version of The Traitors is currently being filmed in Scotland. Lambert mentioned that the production team has faced challenges in meeting the high expectations set by the success of previous seasons, but expressed confidence in the progress being made. With Season 2 having garnered impressive ratings and a large viewership, the pressure is on for Season 3 to deliver equally compelling content.

The upcoming season of The Traitors promises even more twists and turns, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats as contestants navigate complex challenges and strategic gameplay. The addition of new contestants, including potential high-profile figures like Liz Truss, hints at a diverse and dynamic lineup that is sure to captivate audiences. As the show continues to evolve and push boundaries, the bar is set higher for each season to outdo its predecessor in terms of drama and excitement.

The inclusion of unlikely candidates such as Liz Truss in The Traitors showcases the show’s willingness to explore new and unexpected avenues in its quest for riveting entertainment. With Season 3 already underway and talks of a celebrity edition on the horizon, the future looks bright for the reality series. As viewers eagerly await the premiere of each new season, the anticipation builds for what surprises and challenges lie ahead for the contestants vying for the coveted title of winner.


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