Amazon Acquires First Ever Arabic TV Series “Self Modulation”

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Amazon recently made a groundbreaking move by acquiring world rights for a Beirut-set dramedy series titled Self Modulation. Produced by Falcon Films and Arna Media, this series marks Amazon’s first ever Arabic TV series acquisition. The show is part of a multi-show deal partly financed by Arna Media, with plans to invest in two projects annually with Falcon Films.

Self Modulation revolves around the life of Ahmad, a Syrian man living illegally in Lebanon whose life takes a dramatic turn after witnessing a tragic event. As he works at a suicide hotline centre, Ahmad’s aspirations for fame and recognition lead him down a path of deception and destruction. The series features a talented cast including Maxim Khalil, Carole El Hajj, Foad Yammine, Natasha Choufani, Leen Gherra, and Abbas Al Nouri. The script is penned by Foad Yammine, Rami Awad, and marks the television directing debut of Mayar Al Nouri.

The ten-part, 50-minute episode series is set to air in Q2 2024. Falcon Films Managing Director Rami Sannan expressed excitement about collaborating with Arna Media on this unique project, highlighting the originality of the concept and its appeal to audiences in the Middle East and beyond. Arna Media President Nadezda Motina also shared enthusiasm about the project, emphasizing the long-standing professional relationship with Falcon Films and the creative vision behind the series.

Both Falcon Films and Arna Media are committed to producing content with global appeal, showcasing their capability to reach audiences worldwide. Motina compared the series to A24, known for its distinctive and innovative storytelling. With Falcon Films’ track record of producing local films and series across the Middle East, Self Modulation is poised to make a significant impact on the television landscape.

Amazon’s acquisition of Self Modulation signals a new era for Arabic TV series, opening up opportunities for diverse and compelling storytelling to reach a global audience. As the series prepares for its release on Amazon, anticipation is high for its reception and the impact it will have on the entertainment industry.


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