Allegations of Irresponsible Behavior and Abuse: Jeannie Mai’s Claims Against Jeezy

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Jeannie Mai recently made shocking allegations against her estranged husband, Jeezy, claiming that their 2-year-old daughter, Monaco, found an “unsecured” assault rifle in their home. According to court documents obtained by Page Six, Mai accused the rapper of irresponsibly hiding dangerous firearms throughout their home, making them easily accessible and dangerous to a young child like Monaco. She alleged that Jeezy would frequently walk around the house carrying an AK-47 while they resided together in Los Angeles, California and Atlanta, Georgia.

In addition to the claims of irresponsible firearm handling, Mai also accused Jeezy of physically and verbally abusing her throughout their two-year marriage. One incident detailed in the court documents occurred at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in San Francisco, where Mai alleged that Jeezy choked her from behind, pushed her down the stairs, and verbally assaulted her, calling her derogatory names. She claimed that a hotel security guard witnessed the incident, adding a layer of credibility to her allegations.

In response to these allegations, Jeezy vehemently denied the claims made against him. He called the allegations “deeply disturbing” and stated that they were false. Jeezy expressed disappointment at the attempt to tarnish his character and disrupt his family, emphasizing his focus on being an active father to their daughter and fighting for court-mandated joint custody. Earlier this month, Jeezy filed for primary custody of Monaco but later revised his filing to request joint physical and legal custody.

Mai attached photos to the court documents, showing Jeezy walking around the home with the rifle in his hands and firearms sprawled around the house, including under their mattress and on the bedroom floor. Interestingly, the AK-47 that Monaco allegedly found was absent from the photos sent by Jeezy’s counsel, which showed a safe with four guns inside. This discrepancy raises questions about the handling and storage of firearms in their home.

The allegations made by Jeannie Mai against Jeezy paint a troubling picture of their marriage, with claims of irresponsible firearm handling and incidents of abuse. While Jeezy has denied the allegations and emphasized his dedication to being a father to their daughter, the photographic evidence presented by Mai adds a compelling dimension to her claims. As the legal proceedings continue, it remains to be seen how these allegations will be addressed and resolved.


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